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Fitness for $10

Fitness For $10 has a different and refreshing approach to operating health clubs. Our mission statement says it all!

  • Fitness For $10 believes fitness does not have to be expensive.
  • Fitness For $10 believes the price of a membership does not determine the quality of a health club.
  • Fitness For $10 believes health clubs should be friendly and clean.
  • Fitness For $10 believes a health club should provide members with a positive and helpful environment.
  • Fitness For $10 believes people have the power and determination to attain their fitness goals.
  • Fitness For $10 believes in you!


Pahrump Wellness Center

 Health and wellness is all about personal growth; specifically the discovery and development of your personal fitness and health goals to live a better life. Pahrump Wellness Center will help you in exploring this potential, providing the resources and guidance you need to achieve your goals and dreams, whether that be to fix up your nutrition or to just be a healthier overall human being. Big moments in all of our lives can be hard to adapt to, and it's helpful to have a health service expert for motivation and inspiration during these times. If you'd like to receive more information, please contact Pahrump Wellness Center today. 


Crossfit Land Mine

 We take pride in the extensive and diverse knowledge we bring 

to our community. This means that as a member you have the 

ability to leverage our coaches in order to train and improve any 

area of your health and fitness. 

Best Hair Salon


A Touch of Gold

Open Monday-Friday 8-5 Saturdays by appt. look forward to meeting you!


Shear Image Salon


Shear Talent Salon & Spa